Deeper Understanding, Better Results

Finding your audience and creating a brand footprint is the essence of good PR.

Unique data sources let us identify where you need to be seen. We collaborate with a network of influential media contacts to put your messages in front of the right people.

A Thorough and Modern Approach

As important as traditional press is, digital success stems from being able to weave your brand into communities and ignite social conversations.

It's not just about who you know, it's about how you connect with people. Ayima PR turns thought leadership and awareness into tangible benefits for your business.

Pouncing on Content Opportunities

Inspiration for a story can come from anywhere; a nugget of data, a quote from a customer or an unexpected twist at a live event.

The ability to turn these sparks into media-friendly content is what sets our team of digital natives apart.

Knowing What the Media Wants

We work closely with journalists and industry influencers to understand what content they’re looking to share.

Their schedules inform our distribution plans, making sure we get your brand into prominent positions.

Our Clients

Our Team

With many years of experience in digital PR and Content Marketing, Ayima's team members are creative, technical, or a combination of the two. What they all have in common is that they're experts in their field.

John Nixon

PR Manager

Andrew Martin

Head of Content

Alaina Poe

Senior PR Associate

Amy Elmayan

Senior PR Associate

Megan McCullough

Senior PR Associate